Lena Dunham’s is Not Happy with the Criticism on her Weight Loss

Lena Dunham has lost weight in recent months as an outcome of her conflict with endometriosis. Dunham’s weight and her weight changes are, clearly, hers and her company alone. But after appearing at recent occasions seeming more slender, Dunham faced a barrage of criticism from folks who accused her of left the body- move that was positive by slimming down.


The Girls originator said this latest body-shaming ordeal is “signs that as a girl in Hollywood, you simply can not win.”
This latest criticism is, as Dunham described, much from the initial time she is coped with body shaming. But in all types, the performer has stayed open about including female attractiveness, her own included, throughout most of the criticism.

Dunham additionally addressed this most recent wave of body shaming on Instagram, writing a post that eloquently summarized her approach toward her body.

“I was pretty please to be able to bust that one out, I have to say,” Dunham says, laughing. “The photographer was very serious and French, and I was just sitting there and he was like, ‘What do you want to do, what do you want to show me?’ And I was like, ‘This?’ [pulling her leg over her head again] And he looked, pretty impressed.”

“And I know this is daytime television, but you can’t do this in front of anyone without thinking, ‘She’s probably pretty good at sex.’ “


Content and Image Courtesy: Self



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