Police is Working Hard to Find Out Three Individuals at Lompoc High School

According to the Lompoc High School’s principal that all the classrooms have no risk. He informed the emergency police officer on duty that there is nothing to worry about that. I am very happy to hear that good news.


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The official police detained two persons for investigation and there is a possibility that these individuals are involved.

On the other hand, there is reliable information that three suspects might be in Lompoc near to boundaries of the Lompoc High School early morning.

The school was immediately locked down after this critical situation when they easily crashed one of the cars in the school. There are bright chances that they are still in the premises of the high school. Police are working hard to search for these evils and provide safety to all member of the Lompoc High School . It is very important to complete the investigation as soon as possible.

Now it is confirmed that there are total three persons and police is putting utmost efforts to locate these as soon as possible. According to footage one of the suspects is wearing a black hood with shorts and he is a very tall man. This information is revealed by the emergency police department.

There are two other departments assisting police are K-9 unit and Sheriff’s helicopter. People might find some closed roads due to this incident but they have to cooperate as well. This is very important from safety point of view. As soon as we got the more authentic information we will share with our readers. Hope for the best for Lompoc High School members.

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