WTF Look at the Middle Girl in This Photo

You can find the girl photo in the middle with scary legs and you may also find out the interesting thing in this photo. According to Redditor jr0d7771, there is something only a bit away about one, although lately shared a peculiar picture of a couple of buddies posing for the camera together. She does not appear to have any legs. Take a look at the girl at the center of the group below. Can you figure out where her legs are?



Individuals were stumped in the beginning but quickly noticed that it is really the next girl in the left whose legs seem missing. The girl that is middle is one of the crossed legs with blue jeans torn in the knees.


via: Reddit

Despite a closer look it is difficult to tell what is going on, but in case you examine the crossed leg of the girl farthest to the left, you could make out what looks like another leg using a similar shade of jeans.

Source: Reddit

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